Tuesday, September 30, 2008

crazy eights

Oh, what to blog. What to blog.

I got nothin', people. Nothin'. So what do you do when you got nothin'?
Why, you do a tag, of course. Here's one I got from Mander.

8 things I'm passionate about
1. Mr. Adam Stewart
2. My fabulous family
3. The gospel
4. My rockin' friends
5. My job
6. Creating stellar sentences (nerd alert! nerd alert!)
7. Good food
8. Napping (oh, napping)
I can fall asleep anywhere.
I definitely don't hide this talent under a bushel.

8 words or phrases I use often
1. I love you
2. You're kidding!
3. I'm on it
4. {giggle giggle}
5. Just kidding (a conversation cure-all)
7. Thank you!
Let's watch another one! (when watching TV shows on DVD)
I'm extremely talented at watching episode after episode after episode after episode ...

8 things I want to do before I die
1. Be a mom
2. Stay true to the faith
3. Travel, travel, travel
4. Be published in O, the Oprah Magazine
5. Write a book
6. Stay fit
7. Keep in touch with all my BFFs (4 eva, of course)
8. Compete in a triathlon (I don't really want to do this. I guess I just love Adam that much.)
Adam, someday this will be me waiting for the triathlon to start.
(What in the world am I doing saying this in public? Abort! Abort!)

8 things I've learned from my past
1. Be flexible — some of the best opportunities in life are unplanned
2. Always listen to your mother
3. Writing is therapeutic
4. A DVR is magical
5. When a blind date holds your forehead to his and asks for seven words to describe the date — run, Bri, run! Don't giggle anxiously and let the crazy man continue the craziness. (true story)
6. Don't text message a boy you're dating that he's jealous of your future husband (sadly, this one's also true)
7. Smile, though your heart is aching (love that song)
8. I look really good in hats
It's effortless, really.

8 places I'd love to see
1. London, please
2. Italy, please
3. Sweden, please
4. Boston, please
5. The Bahamas, please
6. Orcas Island, please
7. Chicago, please
8. Hong Kong, please (this one comes true in three months!)
This is a Ling Ling, which we'll be taking for a joy ride come December!

8 things I currently need or want
1. A house
2. A DVR
3. A never-ending supply of Kalbi Ribs (can stomachs yearn? mine yearns for these ribs.)
4. An iPhone
5. More naps (oh, naps)
6. A Banana Republic shopping spree (this is so a need)
7. Erin back in Utah (ya hear that, sister dear?)
8. More of my same fun, fun life
Sometimes Adam and I entertain ourselves with the
Photo Booth program on my computer.
Nerds rock!

Monday, September 22, 2008

this is megs

My Meghan turned 26 yesterday.

And in honor of her birthday, I thought I'd share one of the best cards she ever gave me for my birthday.
(Please take note of her rad spelling. What a zaney kid.)

And then I thought I'd return the favor.

Magnificent Mom
Effortlessly Adorable
Gorgeous and Smart
Happy Go Lucky
Awesomely Awesome
Neat, Young and Preety

I love you a million, billion, zillion. Happy Birthday babe!