Monday, June 30, 2008

blonde moment

I'm an intelligent girl, I promise.

But every once in a while my blonde ambition rears its ambitious head. This is one such moment.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

she wears short shorts

I'm one to talk. 

I picked up some running shorts for the 5K without trying them on until the morning of the race, and it turned into a "Daisy Duke Goes Running" special. Oops! But you know what? I'm pretty attached to them now. They did, after all, take part in my personal Mt. Everest — the Strawberry Days 5K. (Baby steps, people. Baby steps.) 
Easy As 123
My short shorts played a big (OK, little) part in my victory.
Off To the Races
Don't we look sporty?

Yes, ladies and gents, Adam and I ran our previously announced 5K on Saturday. It was wonderful, horrible, motivating, exhausting, inspiring, and even oddly romantic. Here are five race highlights, along with five things I learned. 

Race Rundown
1. Despite the fact that he could have run much faster, Adam ran with me the whole way, pushing and cheering me on. ("This is a little faster than I want to go, but I'll do it for you," he lied.)
2. We beat our practice time by four minutes, coming in at 33 minutes. 
3. We didn't walk once.
4. Some people walked faster than parts of our jogging. (But I didn't walk!)
5. We so didn't come in last. (Not that there's anything wrong with that ...)

Five Things I Learned
1. It's so about the journey, but it's also so about the finish line. 
2. Some people look really attractive after running a 5K. 
3. I am not one of those people. 
4. Don't say, "At least I know I'll beat that grandpa," and then watch him jog ahead of you around mile No. 2. (I think we eventually beat him, but still.) 
5. You were right, Adam. A couple that runs together, sticks together. 
Picture Not Perfect
A perfect example of posing gone awry.
(You can't win 'em all.)

We may have started Strawberry Days on the run, but we ended it with friends, food, and a fair. Here are some other pictures of our memorable weekend. (Beware, self portraits ahead.)
Memory Lane
Two of "the boys" — Nate and Blacker — from Adam's college days came into town with their fun families and stayed with us for the weekend. 
I loved getting to know them.
Best. Ride. Ever.
Ever since my Punahou Carnival days, I have been enamored with the Zipper and its zippiness.
Caged In
This is us in our Zipper cage. My co-worker, Greg, has a policy: "If it wasn't there yesterday, don't ride it today." Generally a good rule, but this was too fun to pass up.
View From the Top
Our first ferris wheel ride together. All together now: Ahhhh.
The Strawberry Days Crew
Thanks for a great weekend!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

my three dads

To the three dads in my life — old, new and future. I absolutely, positively, completely adore you. 

Oh, and it's official. Adam has learned from the best there is. 
Father knows best
How cute are their smiles?
Mirror, mirror on the wall
This is one of my most favorite pictures from my wedding.

Disclaimer: Dad, just because you are technically the "old" dad in the above reference, it in no way indicates that you are old. You are, in fact, a dashing, dapper dad with a young countenance and a wonderfully full head of hair. Just thought I'd make that clear ... 

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

run in the family

I'm running my first 5K next Saturday. My triathlete husband (yeah, that's right) has decided that a couple that runs together, sticks together. I always thought it was a couple that eats Baskin Robbins together, sticks together. You say potato, honey. I say ice cream!

In any case, we're sporting some serious Pleasant Grove pride and running the race at Strawberry Days. As you can tell below, Adam's an old pro at this. I just hope he wears longer shorts this time!
Triathlete in Training
Come on! How cute is this?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

time will tell

Saw this on Natalie's blog and it looked like fun ...

twenty years ago I ...
1) was very blonde and very tan (those were the days)
2) was about to start kindergarten at Punahou
3) only wanted to wear skirts
Me at kindergarten. I loved school.

ten years ago I ...
1) had a crush on Mr. McCollough, my American Lit teacher
2) wore a plumeria in my ear every day
3) was cold in 75 degree weather

five years ago I ...
1) rarely went to bed before 4 a.m.
2) was a waitress at Brick Oven
3) played Super Nintendo with Kelli, Jenners and Sammy like it was going out of style (oh wait, it was already out of style)

three years ago I ...
1) started working at Utah Valley Magazine
2) lived in New York (major shout out to gal-pal Lindsey) and worked at a geeky technology magazine
3) lived with Amanda in the blissful 33rd South apartment — with a DVR, baby!

one year ago I ...
1) got married to a boy named Adam (who knew life could be this fun?)
2) lost my Erin to Colorado (darn Colorado!)
3) accidentally text messaged a boy I was dating that he was jealous of Adam (this was 1.5-ish years ago, and a wretched, wretched memory)
Great day.

so far this year I have ...
1) participated in a Utah Valley Amazing Race (more on this later)
2) thrown a gala
3) thought I was pregnant 6.7 times

yesterday I ...
1) got the newest BusinessQ back from the printer (our biggest issue yet!)
2) watched "So You Think You Can Dance" (so. much. fun.)
3) ate Extra Noodle Lipton Soup (yum)
Growth, franchising and longevity — oh my!
Plus, are you a workaholic? Take our quiz!

today I ...
1) wore a hat
2) finished an article
3) sang in the shower

tomorrow I will ...
1) sing in the shower (it was wicked fun today)
2) get three profiles approved at work (you hear that, Universe?)
3) go on a date with my husband

in the next year I may ...
1) become more domestic (stop laughing, people!)
2) go to the Kelly Clarkson/Reba McEntire concert in October (anyone wanna go with me?)
3) go to Hong Kong for Christmas (oh wait — that one's for sure!)
Seasons Greetings from the Hong Kong Harbor.
Here we come Mom and Dad!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

eat, drink and be maryland

After our fabulous day in NYC, it was on to an even more fabulous weekend in Maryland with the Stewarts. We ate delicious food, visited historic monuments, caught a gigantic frog, enjoyed each other's company, and laughed — a lot.

Brian, Kelly, Sam and Viv: We adore you. Thanks for a perfect weekend!

Picture Roll
Oh, the places we went!
Follow the red brick walls
Annapolis is just about the most charming town you'll ever visit. Plus, I got a cute hat there, which I wear on days I don't want to do my hair all the way. Thank you, Annapolis!
Take your pic
Who doesn't love a picture of a picture?
Walk this way
We went to the beautiful Arlington Cemetery, which we loved.
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
This tribute was especially touching. The tomb says, "Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God."
Love birds
I love, love this picture of my favorite canoodlers.
Great sport
Armed with a fireman raincoat and a smile, Sam was on his most delightful behavior as we dragged him everywhere.
He also indulged my love of self-portraits.
Enabler #2
As did Amy.
Mr. Tough Guy
I married a stud, in case you didn't know.
Breezy situation
Please appreciate the hair in my face. While this isn't too bad, I will sadly never be one of those girls whose hair flows perfectly behind her in the wind. I'm destined for "lipstick, meet hair" scenarios for the rest of my life.
Goin' up
Kelly (far right) was a rock star and got us tickets to the top of the Washington Monument. It was amazing!
The bros
The funnest pair of brothers around.
Capital, my capital
We took a tour of the U.S. Capital, which we very much enjoyed. I was, however, terrified by the security guard going in. She was the toughest woman I've ever met, yet she had the rosiest cheeks around.
Rouge, meet Rambo!
Oh-those-curls Vivian
I can't get enough of this cute thing.
Sam the ham
I heart this kid.
Frog the fatty
Adam was very spry and caught the biggest frog ever on our walk to the park. And now, someday Sam's princess will come.
Bunch of fakers
OK, so we faked sleeping in the back of the car. But I think I totally won the "Most Realistic-Looking Award."
On the waterfront
Like Annapolis, Georgetown was completely charming.
Best. Hosts. Ever.
When can we come again?