Monday, April 28, 2008

party animals

It was Idaho Falls or bust last weekend as Adam and I headed North to spend a fun, fun time with family. Here's the rundown:

We talked. 
We laughed. 
We enjoyed a visiting Kelly (and missed Brian). 
We ate 122 mini Nilla Wafers. 
We played Hand and Foot. (Michelle and I were robbed, I tell you — robbed!) 
We played the wii. (Well, Adam did — I left my workout clothes at home.) 
We went to the zoo. 
We got reacquainted with the cutest red headed kids around: Superhero Sam and oh-those-curls Vivian.

It was a fantastic weekend, with the exception of having to say goodbye to Michelle, Drew, Ethan and Emily. They are moving to Minnesota in May, and we miss them already! But what do you say, Michelle? Should we plan for the Hand and Foot comeback of 2009? I'll practice every night in your honor.

Here are some pictures of our fun trip to the Idaho Falls Zoo.
I'm not sure why Adam and I feel the need to strike a pose when we get in front of the camera. I think Tyra Banks is a bad influence on us.
The Zoo Crew
(minus cute Lisa who's taking the pic)
Adults: Michelle, Drew and Kelly
Kids: Ethan and Emily, Sam and Vivian 
(See? I told you Viv's curls were oh-worthy!)
Or maybe it's a yawn.
Say ... Minnesota!
The comeback of 2009, Michelle! Be ready.
Over the hump
Hey there, camel.
Sitting cute
This pic might make me want to have children sooner rather than later — eek.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

tearful tuesdays

So I know you've all been waiting with baited breath wondering what Tearful Tuesdays are. 

"Do Bri and Adam watch 'Steel Magnolias' every Tuesday?" you wondered. 
"Do they sit around with a guitar, hold hands, and sing 'Everybody Hurts'?" you guessed. 

No, no, my friends. We watch "The Biggest Loser" — a TV show with the Biggest. Heart. Ever. 

It happens the same way every week. Adam and I get takeout (I know, the irony is not lost on us) and watch these contestants change their lives. Each contender starts the season out with a goal (i.e. "I want to be able to throw my son up in the air"), and then we watch them achieve that goal workout after workout, pound after pound. I cry (OK, sometimes sob) every single week at how inspirational they are. Which is strange, I know, considering I've never been too emotional of a girl. Right, Mom and Dad? 

In my defense, Adam has teared up a couple of times as well. So it's not just me. But there has been absolutely no sobbing on his macho part — I just want to make that clear.

So if you can't tell, we love, love this show. The contestants barely care about the cash prize, and they all end up winners! And as an added bonus, Adam and I talk a lot more about working out after it's over — albeit with an unfortunate emphasis on talk. Darn irony! 
This is Ali's "before and after" shot — amazing!
When she got up there, she said, "Do I look different?"
And this is her winning at the finale this past Tuesday —
the first female winner in "Biggest Loser" history!

(photos courtesy

Saturday, April 12, 2008

all over the map

brought to you by TravelPod, the Web's First Travel Blog ( A TripAdvisor Media Network member ) 

A co-worker gave me the link to this geography quiz, right before telling me if I didn't make it to level three I would be an embarrassment to America. But no pressure. 

After a pathetic first round of nervous clicking (which you are all entitled to), I got to level six, thank you very much. I didn't pass level six, but man I got to it. Oh, and Adam wants you all to know he got to level seven — on his first try. That's my boy.

Test your geography IQ, and see what level you get to. And no matter the score, there will be no judgement from the Stewart gallery — or Miss South Carolina

Thursday, April 10, 2008

oh happy day

Ells-Bells, have the best birthday you 5-year-old, you. We love you more than a heart.