Wednesday, February 8, 2012

take five

Oh, hello.

Five things I've learned from being a mother of two (so far) ...

1. You will call each child by the other child's name. A lot. 

2. If you AND your two girls are all crying at the same time, your husband will laugh good naturedly whilst simultaneously praying your third child will be a boy. (Not that this has ever happened to me.)

3. Sometimes I pray (like, literally pray) no one will ever knock on my door for fear that they'll see my house between designated "pick up after Maggie" times. Or, you know, for fear that they'll catch me in my pajamas. At 11 a.m. 

4. Matching sister PJs are ah-dorable. But if both children are indeed babies — and you attempt to take a picture of them whilst being alone (rookie alert!) — it's so not gonna happen. 

See ya, sister.

5. My heart almost can't handle all this love. It's kind of totally insane.