Thursday, January 27, 2011

cloud nine

Margaret is 9 months old today. Crazy town, I say! 

Here's just a little somethin' something' about at-the-moment Mags.

1. She started clapping — today! Girl knows how to celebrate. (Oh, and it's dang adorable, btw.)

2. In the morning, Maggie plays, sings and coos at her butterfly mobile for about 20 minutes before she requests crib removal.

3. She stands in the middle of the floor by herself — and is very proud of this talent.

4. Margaret loves it when you chase her, but she stops to look and giggle at you after about two crawls. Hard to get? Forget about it.

5. She LOVES to blow raspberries when she has a mouth full of food. It's super gross cute.

6. Speaking of food, she thinks peas are disgusting — and I don't blame her. The color of them alone!

7. Maggie still adores the bath. And she stands at the tub waiting — diaper-clad — entranced by the running water.

8. The girl loves a good plug or outlet. I do my absolute best to discourage said love, but the heart knows no reason, I suppose.

9. She's sprouting teeth all over the place (do teeth sprout?). It makes her look all grown up and stuff. 

10. My baby is all grown up and stuff.

11. Sigh.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


1. Sister Erin says there aren't enough pictures of me on my blog. So ... you're welcome, Ers-Bears. (P.S. Erin knit this hat. It's beautiful.)

2. I'm re-watching "Gilmore Girls" from start to finish, and I'm equally as enamored this time around. (BTW, Rory just graduated from Chilton and gave her valedictorian speech — sob!)

3. Christmas was completely lovely with the Stewarts. I quite like them. (And by like, I mean totally love.)

4. The baby shoes from Joyfolie make me want to sigh all the day long. And after looking at their prices, sighing is all I will be doing, indeed. 

 Photo from

5. Sister Kara is recovering splendidly from her bout with thyroid cancer. I'm feeling ridiculously grateful. 

6. Pre-surgery, we created SSSF — Sister Scarf Solidarity Forever. (Obvy.) But Kara's scar is totally stellar, she doesn't even need the scarf I gave her.

7. No matter. She still looks amazing in it.

8. Have you ever realized scarf is scar with an "f"? 

9. Anyway ...

10. I want to start saying "terrif!" more. As in, "Kara's scar(f) is totally terrif!"

11. My daughter still rubs her eyes when she's tired. I want her to do this always and forever. 

12. That is all.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

mohawk maggie

My daughter, the beautician. 

I came in to get Maggie from her morning nap, and this is what I discovered.

I kind of totally love it. (Move over, bows!)

Rock on, Mags. Rock on.