Thursday, December 29, 2011

lydia carol stewart

December 28, 2011 brought us our beautiful, beautiful baby girl.

She's perfect.

Labor was fun (again).

Adam is my favorite (again).

And I'm in love (again).  

Happy New Year, indeed. 

Weight 6 pounds 7 ounces
Length 18 inches
Hair Blonde

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

now maggie ...

Just a few 17-month-old Maggie tidbits I don't want to forget ... 

Warning: This mother of a post is mostly for my memory (and for grandparents). Feel free to skim or skip if it's not your cup of blog. :)

1. Margaret is never not talking. She parrots everything we say — including our tones. Why say "hi" when you can say, "hiiiiiiiii!" in varying pitch?

2. This girl has got dance moves beating out of her bones. And her preferred style? Raised eyebrows (my fav), a bopping head and a dramatic bounce from foot to foot. 

3. She calls her Aunti Kara "Waka." It's adorable, but also odd, considering this is the girl who perfectly pronounces words like "patience" and "broccoli." (Does my sly broccoli reference make me sound like a super healthy mom? Ha!)

4. Speaking of patience, she hasn't quite grasped the concept yet. She says "patience" when she knows she needs to wait for things, but it's usually followed by an annoyed "arghh!"

5. In addition to the "Backyardigans," Mags is obsessed with the cartoon "Super Why!" She regularly hands me the remote and says, "Remote! Why! Please!" 

6. Anytime I open the fridge, she sprints to it, opens the drawer and says, "Orange! Peel it! Orange! Peel it!"

7. She kisses my belly regularly and says "Hi, sis." She also regularly kisses her dad's belly to say hello to her sister. We're working on this.

8. We got her a "Leaptop," and every time she picks it up she says, "e-mail, e-mail!" 

9. She loves to push around the cute baby stroller her Grandma Stewart got her. However, she typically likes to take out her baby doll, throw her on the ground, and then stroll sans baby. (We're working on this, too, little sis.)

10. Margaret goes up to things she KNOWS she's not supposed to touch and says, "Don't touch. Mommy's!" She of course does this with a smirk WHILST touching it. Stinker.

11. Maggie still loves sleep. When we put her to bed, she tells us, "Bye! Night night! Love you!" She has essentially ruined us for our other children. Our expectations for sleeping babies are pretty much ridiculous. 

12. She FINALLY goes to nursery in two weeks. Our angelic child can be a downright terror at church, and nursery will be the glorious answer to all of our prayers (including Maggie's).

13. In what may be Adam's proudest moment as a father, Maggie lays down, fake snores and then spontaneously pops up and says, "Wake up!"

14. Maggie learned how to go down the stairs solo a couple months ago, and when she was learning we gave her words of encouragement. As a result, she now goes down the stairs telling herself, "Turn around. Good job. Good Girl. Focus. Great!"

15. We spell out her name, at the end of which she throws up her hands and squeals "Maggie!" She also helps us spell it (we alternate letters), although much of the time she gets lazy and goes straight to, "I ... E ... Maggie!" (And then proceeds to clap for herself, obviously.)

16. Maggie's obsessed with iPhones and iPads. Her favorite activities? Scrolling through the home screen, watching "Backyardigans" on the Netflix app, roll calling the picture album, and constantly viewing one of Kelly Clarkson's music videos (girl's got taste). 

17. My baby is a full-fledged kid now. What the what?

Friday, September 9, 2011

ladies first

Did I mention we're having another girl? 

Because we're so totally having another girl.

This is Maggie practicing being a big sis with her doll. 
Rest assured — we're working on the "never shake a keiki" part. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

obsess much

Sister Erin knit this delicious (apparently literally) dress 
for Mags before she was born.

Things I'm currently obsessed with — in a very particular order.

1. THE BABY BUMP. It has grown. Overnight. I'm 21 weeks, and I look like I did at almost 30 weeks with Mags. Just like riding a bike? Try just like having a baby.

2. THE MARGARET. Currently ... the way she says her name ("Mah-GEE!"), how she says "love you" to me when I say it to her (or when she thinks it'll get her food), how she giggles with delight when we put her to bed at night, and how she walks into a room and casually says, "Hi guys."

3. THE FOOD NETWORK. Specifically, "Food Network Star," "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" and "Giada at Home." (Even though it drives me batty that Giada is the queen of talking normally and then saying Italian words with a jarringly intense accent. Crazy annoying, Giada.) But I know what you're all wondering. Does this make me cook more? No, silly!

4. THE MATERNITY JEANS. My first pregnancy, I felt like it was a badge of honor that I didn't wear maternity jeans until 20 weeks. This time, I started wearing them at 13 weeks. Oh, that blessed elastic waist band. It's like wearing pajama pants — all the delightful day long. 

5. THE BACKYARDIGANS. Have you seen this cuter-than-life cartoon? Maggie loves it, but I think I might love it even more than she does. And thanks to these colorful creatures, Maggie knows what a pirate says. I will always love you for that, Backyardigans.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

january 2012

In six months time, baby No. 2 is coming to an Adam and Bri near you. 

And we couldn't be more thrilled. Or tired. :)

How's Mags feeling about it?

"Ummm, baby what now? This concerns me."

"I guess it makes sense. I am 'SO big.'"

"Wait, does this mean your camera time will be split between the two of us and I'll no longer have to escape Dad's grasp as he tries to pose me by the flowers? 
Big sister it is!"

Sunday, May 1, 2011

num, num, num

1. Maggie turned 1. (I know. You so already knew that.)

2. She devoured cake. Twice. (Once on her birthday, once at her family party yesterday.)

3. She likes to make "num, num, num" noises when she eats something she loves. Triple cute.

4. As you'll see in the video below, Maggie parroted me — all while keeping her eyes on the crumbs at hand. Four the love.

5. I've watched this video way more than five times. 

Want more pics of the party and its girl? Oh, OK. If you insist.

My only regret is that we didn't get pictures of all the party-goers! Lame and a half. How to the ever ... we love you all. (Why, yes, I did just say how to the ever.)

This is the cake sister-in-law, Amy, and I made together. Cute, right?
Also, I pretty much can't say enough amazing things about Amy. But I'll try anyway ...
I love her. She's whip smart in the kitchen. I love her. She makes me smile. I love her. She's generous (with time and talents). Oh, and I love her.

We made a big cake for the adults, a baby cake for my baby, and little meringue sandwiches to snack on.

When your new soccer ball looks like a ladybug, it gets kisses.
(Also, this picture is proof Mags had clothes on for at least part of the party.)

Tissue = Maggie's favorite present.

Hands just slow you down.

"What have I done?"

"Saved some for later, that's what."

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

our 1 and only

Happy Birthday to the little girl who changed our lives and charmed our hearts. 

We love you, Margaret Diane — it's almost ridiculous how much. 

P.S. Remember how Mags went from this ...

... to this? Sob!

If you look closely, you'll see that my daughter is now capable of a ponytail (of the itty bitty variety). Happy birthday to me!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

along for the ride

Last weekend we went biking with my sister, Kara

Yes, this is the same Kara that learned how to ride a bike three years ago. Adam taught her how to ride in our church parking lot. He held on to the back of her seat and ran with her as she wobbled along. He's cute.

And more than a thousand days later, Kara owns three gorgeous bikes, regularly frequents the bike blog land (yes, there is such a thing), and dreams about spokes, baskets, bells and whistles. 

We Hallstroms may be late bloomers to certain hobbies, but we promise to obsess appropriately once we've found our stride. (See also: TV shows on DVD.)

Here's a glimpse into our fun ride with my fun sister. It was Maggie's first time two-wheeling it, and I'm glad it was with her cray-cray cute Auntie Kara.

Love you, Kara-Lara! Until we bike again ...

Utah is pretty.

Picture-perfect Kara.

Bottle + bike ride = Maggie bliss.

Kara peeking out of the golden weeds? Super, super cute. 

Doesn't Adam look hard core? (Answer: Why yes, yes he does.)

Margaret is nothing if not helpful.

Yes, Maggie wears a collared shirt, cardi and glitter shoes to go bike riding. 
That's just how she rolls.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

uh to the oh

Oh, hello. 
Remember how I'm a kid now?

Adam woke up Margaret for church on Sunday. (Our ward is now at 8:30 a.m. Yeesh.) 

He rubbed her back softly and whispered hello and good morning.

Maggie lifted her head to look at Adam. And you know what she said?

"Uh oh."

Then she planted her pretty head right back into her bird bedding. 

Yep. Totally my daughter.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

all kinds of happy

Boy am I glad he was born. 

I didn't think I could love Adam any more than I did. 

And then he became a dad. 

Happy Birthday, honey! I awesome sauce you.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

bringing breezy back

Most of you who know me know I've had a blunt bob (both blonde and brunette) for circa 12 years. I chopped my hair when I was 16, and that's the short of it.

These days I've been attempting to grow my hair out — despite the fact that as my locks have lengthened, so have my blow-dry times. (Ugh and a half.)

But this picture — taken by cute sis Julie — has inspired me to be in it for the long haul. 

My long-for-me locks are billowing in the wind, people. Billowing! 

Just call me Breezy.

P.S. Excuse the ghostly gams. Please and thank you.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

little stinker

Learn stink eye? 


Adam thinks it looks like she's trying out for Michael Jackson's "Thriller."
Is he right or is he right? (Psst! He thinks he's right.)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

mom's the word

Maggie calls me Mama.

She's done it enough times now that I know she means it (and it's not just a figment of my wishful imagination). 

I'm like putty in her hands, people. Putty in her hands.

It doesn't matter that 90 percent of the time she says it because she wants something (and wants it, like, now). It doesn't matter that she says it while she whimpers and paws at my knees. It doesn't matter that she'll say it in love (and annoyance, I'm sure) over the next forever. 

I'm her mom. And she knows it.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

walk this way

Guess who decided to start stepping it up?

Margaret's 10 months old today, and to celebrate she's putting one foot in front the other and walking a mighty good distance between her mom and her dad. It's pretty adorable.

(You thought I was going to say "advanced," didn't you? :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

diane day

It's my mother's birthday today. 

She's 60. And beautiful. And pretty much kind of totally perfect. (There's a reason Maggie's name is Margaret Diane.)

I remember shortly after I had Margaret, my mom said to me ...

"You know how much you love, Maggie? That's how much I love you."

And it still gets to me. 

Mom, I hope one day Margaret loves me even half as much as I love you.

Happy Birthday! Thanks for being my mom.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

face painting

We decided to paint our bedroom.

And Adam decided to become the Phantom of the Opera. (I told him not to shake the paint can if the lid wasn't closed, but you know Adam — SUCH a daredevil.)

Miraculously, the paint only coated the husband — with the walls and carpet escaping a latex blizzard.

As for the new bedroom? It's dreamy.

BIG shout-out to Erin and Kara for helping us. They're just terrif.

Monday, February 7, 2011

going public

Maggie giggles. A lot.

But rarely — I repeat ridiculously rarely — does she do so in public.

Thankfully for us, she doesn't yet realize that cameras can bring her secret glee to the streets.

So ... enjoy. Because this daughter of the iPad generation (and flying cars, of course) will be on to us soon.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

cloud nine

Margaret is 9 months old today. Crazy town, I say! 

Here's just a little somethin' something' about at-the-moment Mags.

1. She started clapping — today! Girl knows how to celebrate. (Oh, and it's dang adorable, btw.)

2. In the morning, Maggie plays, sings and coos at her butterfly mobile for about 20 minutes before she requests crib removal.

3. She stands in the middle of the floor by herself — and is very proud of this talent.

4. Margaret loves it when you chase her, but she stops to look and giggle at you after about two crawls. Hard to get? Forget about it.

5. She LOVES to blow raspberries when she has a mouth full of food. It's super gross cute.

6. Speaking of food, she thinks peas are disgusting — and I don't blame her. The color of them alone!

7. Maggie still adores the bath. And she stands at the tub waiting — diaper-clad — entranced by the running water.

8. The girl loves a good plug or outlet. I do my absolute best to discourage said love, but the heart knows no reason, I suppose.

9. She's sprouting teeth all over the place (do teeth sprout?). It makes her look all grown up and stuff. 

10. My baby is all grown up and stuff.

11. Sigh.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


1. Sister Erin says there aren't enough pictures of me on my blog. So ... you're welcome, Ers-Bears. (P.S. Erin knit this hat. It's beautiful.)

2. I'm re-watching "Gilmore Girls" from start to finish, and I'm equally as enamored this time around. (BTW, Rory just graduated from Chilton and gave her valedictorian speech — sob!)

3. Christmas was completely lovely with the Stewarts. I quite like them. (And by like, I mean totally love.)

4. The baby shoes from Joyfolie make me want to sigh all the day long. And after looking at their prices, sighing is all I will be doing, indeed. 

 Photo from

5. Sister Kara is recovering splendidly from her bout with thyroid cancer. I'm feeling ridiculously grateful. 

6. Pre-surgery, we created SSSF — Sister Scarf Solidarity Forever. (Obvy.) But Kara's scar is totally stellar, she doesn't even need the scarf I gave her.

7. No matter. She still looks amazing in it.

8. Have you ever realized scarf is scar with an "f"? 

9. Anyway ...

10. I want to start saying "terrif!" more. As in, "Kara's scar(f) is totally terrif!"

11. My daughter still rubs her eyes when she's tired. I want her to do this always and forever. 

12. That is all.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

mohawk maggie

My daughter, the beautician. 

I came in to get Maggie from her morning nap, and this is what I discovered.

I kind of totally love it. (Move over, bows!)

Rock on, Mags. Rock on.