Tuesday, August 23, 2011

obsess much

Sister Erin knit this delicious (apparently literally) dress 
for Mags before she was born.

Things I'm currently obsessed with — in a very particular order.

1. THE BABY BUMP. It has grown. Overnight. I'm 21 weeks, and I look like I did at almost 30 weeks with Mags. Just like riding a bike? Try just like having a baby.

2. THE MARGARET. Currently ... the way she says her name ("Mah-GEE!"), how she says "love you" to me when I say it to her (or when she thinks it'll get her food), how she giggles with delight when we put her to bed at night, and how she walks into a room and casually says, "Hi guys."

3. THE FOOD NETWORK. Specifically, "Food Network Star," "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" and "Giada at Home." (Even though it drives me batty that Giada is the queen of talking normally and then saying Italian words with a jarringly intense accent. Crazy annoying, Giada.) But I know what you're all wondering. Does this make me cook more? No, silly!

4. THE MATERNITY JEANS. My first pregnancy, I felt like it was a badge of honor that I didn't wear maternity jeans until 20 weeks. This time, I started wearing them at 13 weeks. Oh, that blessed elastic waist band. It's like wearing pajama pants — all the delightful day long. 

5. THE BACKYARDIGANS. Have you seen this cuter-than-life cartoon? Maggie loves it, but I think I might love it even more than she does. And thanks to these colorful creatures, Maggie knows what a pirate says. I will always love you for that, Backyardigans.


Amander said...

Oh my goodness, Maggie is getting more and more adorable every day!

And your description of maternity jeans makes me want to wear them. I'd love to be in pajamas all day long :).

Kristina P. said...

You should watch Chopped and The Great Food Truck Race. But don't watch Rachael Ray. She is evil.

Kara said...

She is an amazing talker. But does have selective dyslexia when trying to say, "Kara." Waka, indeed.

I need to see your bump soon!

Erin said...

I want to see your bump too! I love reading about everything you are obsessed with. Love you! (think Maggie's voice)

Endless Days and Northern Nights said...

It drives me INSANE how Giada says Ricotta. rrRE-COT-TAH. "Now we're going to make our rrRE-COT-TAH pancakes." WHAT? P.S. I love you and hope you are feeling great!

ty and megs said...

love it! and happy belated birthday my love! so sorry to have missed wishes on the actual day -- we were out of town. but since we share a Backyardigans affinity, i have a little treat for you that will be coming your way as soon as i can get myself to the post office.

love ya!

ali said...

my kids used to sing the cutest renditions of "A pirate says ARGH," Thanks for bringing back the memories. Aren't kids cute?

So, I think it's time I asked you if you have yet broken your promise to Adam that you wouldn't ever wear stretchy pants in a public place...?

If the answer is still no, I'll wait until you are recovering from giving birth to your third or fourth child, nothing fits, and you have to go out to grab something from the grocery store. You thought I'd forget huh?

Jill said...

Aw. I wish I were there to see the cute bump. With Maggie as cute as she is, you could fill your day with Maggie obsessing! Oh and Backyardigans across America! We love them too.

Heidelweiss said...

I'm completely with you on all of your obsessions... except Backyardigans. They drive me bats! The kids love them, unfortunately, so I do watch from time to time. Also, MahGEE is too cute for words.

humtv said...

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