Tuesday, August 23, 2011

obsess much

Sister Erin knit this delicious (apparently literally) dress 
for Mags before she was born.

Things I'm currently obsessed with — in a very particular order.

1. THE BABY BUMP. It has grown. Overnight. I'm 21 weeks, and I look like I did at almost 30 weeks with Mags. Just like riding a bike? Try just like having a baby.

2. THE MARGARET. Currently ... the way she says her name ("Mah-GEE!"), how she says "love you" to me when I say it to her (or when she thinks it'll get her food), how she giggles with delight when we put her to bed at night, and how she walks into a room and casually says, "Hi guys."

3. THE FOOD NETWORK. Specifically, "Food Network Star," "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" and "Giada at Home." (Even though it drives me batty that Giada is the queen of talking normally and then saying Italian words with a jarringly intense accent. Crazy annoying, Giada.) But I know what you're all wondering. Does this make me cook more? No, silly!

4. THE MATERNITY JEANS. My first pregnancy, I felt like it was a badge of honor that I didn't wear maternity jeans until 20 weeks. This time, I started wearing them at 13 weeks. Oh, that blessed elastic waist band. It's like wearing pajama pants — all the delightful day long. 

5. THE BACKYARDIGANS. Have you seen this cuter-than-life cartoon? Maggie loves it, but I think I might love it even more than she does. And thanks to these colorful creatures, Maggie knows what a pirate says. I will always love you for that, Backyardigans.