Tuesday, October 11, 2011

now maggie ...

Just a few 17-month-old Maggie tidbits I don't want to forget ... 

Warning: This mother of a post is mostly for my memory (and for grandparents). Feel free to skim or skip if it's not your cup of blog. :)

1. Margaret is never not talking. She parrots everything we say — including our tones. Why say "hi" when you can say, "hiiiiiiiii!" in varying pitch?

2. This girl has got dance moves beating out of her bones. And her preferred style? Raised eyebrows (my fav), a bopping head and a dramatic bounce from foot to foot. 

3. She calls her Aunti Kara "Waka." It's adorable, but also odd, considering this is the girl who perfectly pronounces words like "patience" and "broccoli." (Does my sly broccoli reference make me sound like a super healthy mom? Ha!)

4. Speaking of patience, she hasn't quite grasped the concept yet. She says "patience" when she knows she needs to wait for things, but it's usually followed by an annoyed "arghh!"

5. In addition to the "Backyardigans," Mags is obsessed with the cartoon "Super Why!" She regularly hands me the remote and says, "Remote! Why! Please!" 

6. Anytime I open the fridge, she sprints to it, opens the drawer and says, "Orange! Peel it! Orange! Peel it!"

7. She kisses my belly regularly and says "Hi, sis." She also regularly kisses her dad's belly to say hello to her sister. We're working on this.

8. We got her a "Leaptop," and every time she picks it up she says, "e-mail, e-mail!" 

9. She loves to push around the cute baby stroller her Grandma Stewart got her. However, she typically likes to take out her baby doll, throw her on the ground, and then stroll sans baby. (We're working on this, too, little sis.)

10. Margaret goes up to things she KNOWS she's not supposed to touch and says, "Don't touch. Mommy's!" She of course does this with a smirk WHILST touching it. Stinker.

11. Maggie still loves sleep. When we put her to bed, she tells us, "Bye! Night night! Love you!" She has essentially ruined us for our other children. Our expectations for sleeping babies are pretty much ridiculous. 

12. She FINALLY goes to nursery in two weeks. Our angelic child can be a downright terror at church, and nursery will be the glorious answer to all of our prayers (including Maggie's).

13. In what may be Adam's proudest moment as a father, Maggie lays down, fake snores and then spontaneously pops up and says, "Wake up!"

14. Maggie learned how to go down the stairs solo a couple months ago, and when she was learning we gave her words of encouragement. As a result, she now goes down the stairs telling herself, "Turn around. Good job. Good Girl. Focus. Great!"

15. We spell out her name, at the end of which she throws up her hands and squeals "Maggie!" She also helps us spell it (we alternate letters), although much of the time she gets lazy and goes straight to, "I ... E ... Maggie!" (And then proceeds to clap for herself, obviously.)

16. Maggie's obsessed with iPhones and iPads. Her favorite activities? Scrolling through the home screen, watching "Backyardigans" on the Netflix app, roll calling the picture album, and constantly viewing one of Kelly Clarkson's music videos (girl's got taste). 

17. My baby is a full-fledged kid now. What the what?