Tuesday, October 28, 2008

pumpkin extravaganza

In honor of this most festive season, we got our pumpkin on, y'all.

First, we carved pumpkins with Kara-Lara.
My first self-portrait with a pumpkin! All together now: ahhhhh.
Kara and Adam at work.
Kara and Adam at play.
The "Trevor" Pumpkin by Adam Stewart
(It's OK, I don't get the name either.)

The "I am a Robot" pumpkin by Briana Stewart
(Sorry for the fuzzy pic. And I know I'm seriously lacking in the carving department. There's no need to point and taunt.)
The "Jackie-O-Lantern" by Kara Hallstrom
(Look at those lips!)

And second, we baked pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, since, you know, I'm so totally domestic.
Adam getting ready to pour some pumpkin.
Me sporting an apron — my favorite part of cooking.
(Also, please appreciate that my hair looks like the anti-mullet. You know, party in the front, business in the back. But don't worry, my very short pony tail, which doesn't come close to holding all of my hair, is causing the hair horror.)
"Enough pictures already!" Adam says.
(The pumpkin paparazzi has it rough these days.)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

just call me red

But under no circumstances are you allowed to call me "Big Red."

If you must resort to name-calling, "Moderately-Sized Red" will do.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

for cuteness

Everyone has seen this, right? It makes me laugh every time.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

2 worlds, 2 voices, 2 fans

OK, so I know what you're thinking. A Reba & Kelly concert? Really, Bri? Really?

Yes, really. No, like, really.

My dear friend Alison and I attended the concert at Energy Solutions Arena on Friday, and we had a rockin' time.

We love Kelly. We love Reba. Ergo, we screamed, we sang, we jumped, we danced, we giggled, we laughed, and yes, we even got goosebumps. It was positively magical.
Here we are before the concert. You can't see him, but Adam's taking the picture whilst making fun of our abnormal amounts of excitement. Oddly enough, many of our friends made fun of us for going to the show.
We are so misunderstood.

The opening curtain was this cool blue.
And then it turned this rad orange.
Us waiting for the show to start.
FUN FACT: Reba was Kelly's favorite singer since childhood, and after she won American Idol they met, sang together and became BFFs. Isn't that such a great story? And you could tell that Kelly is still just Reba's biggest fan and that she couldn't believe she was singing with her.
It was adorable.
Reba and Kelly sang together for two glorious hours.
Needless to say, "Fancy didn't let us down."

OK, so now everyone knows I'm a dork. (Most of you were already well aware.)

Oh well. You're stuck with me, people. You're all stuck with me.