Wednesday, February 17, 2010

30-week musings

30 Weeks
Photo by co-worker/friend Dave Blackhurst

* I have 66 days left until my due date. Say what?

* This little girl is a kicking fool. Apparently, she doesn't want me to forget about her. (Not a chance, sweets.)

* Random strangers have yet to touch my stomach in public. I realize I should be grateful for this, but is it weird I feel slightly offended I don't inspire people toward uncontrollable belly pats? (I'm thinkin' it's weird.)

* I want to meet her. Like, now.

* When we were sitting on the couch a couple weeks ago, Adam turned to me and said, "Wow. You're looking all pregnant and stuff." (How observant of you, hon.)

* Will she have red hair? How fun would that be?

* I'm starting to get really pumped about giving birth.

* We purchased a pistachio rocker recliner — with adorbs white piping — for the nursery, and I constantly find myself sitting in it and daydreaming. (I'm a cliche, folks. It's official.)

* I've caught myself waddling on occasion. (It begins ...)

* Adam regularly talks to my stomach, and it makes me all smitten and stuff.

* I've really, really loved being pregnant. It's been quite kind to me, which I so don't take for granted.

* Remember how I'm going to be a mom in 66-ish days? Say what?