Wednesday, February 17, 2010

30-week musings

30 Weeks
Photo by co-worker/friend Dave Blackhurst

* I have 66 days left until my due date. Say what?

* This little girl is a kicking fool. Apparently, she doesn't want me to forget about her. (Not a chance, sweets.)

* Random strangers have yet to touch my stomach in public. I realize I should be grateful for this, but is it weird I feel slightly offended I don't inspire people toward uncontrollable belly pats? (I'm thinkin' it's weird.)

* I want to meet her. Like, now.

* When we were sitting on the couch a couple weeks ago, Adam turned to me and said, "Wow. You're looking all pregnant and stuff." (How observant of you, hon.)

* Will she have red hair? How fun would that be?

* I'm starting to get really pumped about giving birth.

* We purchased a pistachio rocker recliner — with adorbs white piping — for the nursery, and I constantly find myself sitting in it and daydreaming. (I'm a cliche, folks. It's official.)

* I've caught myself waddling on occasion. (It begins ...)

* Adam regularly talks to my stomach, and it makes me all smitten and stuff.

* I've really, really loved being pregnant. It's been quite kind to me, which I so don't take for granted.

* Remember how I'm going to be a mom in 66-ish days? Say what?


Amander said...

Love those belly shots. And I'm not sure how people are keeping their hands off that little basketball. I'll rub it for you next time we are together :)

Juli said...

You are going to be SUCH an adorable mom in roughly 66 days!! And:
1. Wish you were here--I'm a compulsive belly-patter.
2. Rock on!
3. Doctors always say to try not to waddle and all I can think is "Why don't you strap a 20-pound water balloon to your waist and see how you walk!"
4. I'm SO glad you've had such a terrific pregnancy! What a lovely blessing =).

Love you!!

Kristina P. said...

You are looking adorable. And I love little red headed girls.

ali said...

Bri, you are the cutest. Reading this totally reminds me of my first pregnancy. And quite honestly, thinking about being pregnant again makes me want to hurl. But I'm so glad you are having a great time ;) When's the baby shower? You are inviting me, right? Because I'm already planning on making something ridiculously cute and impractical.

Oh, also, nobody ever touched my belly either and I was always a little annoyed that I couldn't complain about it.

Kelly said...

So great! I can't wait to meet her as well. And, when those husbands start talking to your tummy it does do wonders for the "awe-cute" factor. This time around it is Sam who does the daily talking to my tummy. He says he wants the baby to recognize HIM when "HE" (of course he wants a brother) comes out.

Love you so much. Hey, we come down on the weekend of Feb 28th. Want to do something all together with Amy and Ben?? Dinner and games perhaps?? I guess I am inviting myself over kind of?

Laurel said...

not gonna lie.
your post made me cry.

happy tears, of course.

(PS I would SO pat your belly. how is it I've not seen you pregnant yet? Not okay. SO not okay.)


Chocolates for Breakfast said...

so I finally saw Breezy pregnant 2 days ago and as you would expect...she's DARLING! of course I patted her little tummy...couldn't help myself!

Kim & Clay said...

You DO look all pregnant and stuff. Love your well-shapen belly. I was thinking last night how close you are to seeing your little miss! I'm so glad you have had such a great pregnancy. I really loved being pregnant too. I am getting butterflies for you, just thinking of your "labor day!" it is such a memorable, unmatchable day.

P.S. We are almost done with season 6. I think I'm secretly dragging it out because I don't want to be in the last season. It will be with a heavy heart that I hand those blessed dvds back to you.

Erin said...

I am DYING. 66 days until I meet my new niece. I am happy for you to be a Mom and all but really, your having a baby is a big gift to me too. :)

I love her. And you. LOVE.

Melanie said...

Embrace the waddling. I can't wait for this darling girl to arrive. I guess I have 66 more days.

SBK Stewart said...

Holy Cow! Only 66 left?! That is too crazy! I guess it goes faster for those of us who are not currently pregnant...every day! We are SO excited and can hardly wait to meet her! We love you!

Nick and Lexie said...

Okay, you look so tiny! I need a full body shot.

I'm glad you loved being pregnant. You talking about it reminds me of it. I loved it too, and yes I daydreamed all the time, wondered what she would look like, what her little personality would be.

But Nick wasn't quite as cute as Adam is. He was a little disgusted by my belly. Oh well.

Durrett Family Band said...

You are such a wee little pregnant woman. It's so cute! I totally get where you are coming from with the lack of stranger belly pats. I actually really liked when I got to the stage when people felt comfortable addressing the fact that I was pregnant without asking if I were pregnant first. Though, no strangers have ever patted my belly. Maybe because I'm not as cute a pregnant person as you.

Jared said...

Cutie-pa-too-ti! Is all I can say. And you have the perfect baby bump EVER!

Sammy said...

I can't wait til you are a mom.... cause then I get to be an aunt... kind of :)

Craig and Carol said...

I love that you love being pregnant!
We are so excited to meet this precious little girl!

ty and megs said...

i got a whole lot of love for you, your wee one (and i mean wee -- you are tiny girl!) and this darling post. i can't wait!! and i can't believe i have to wait until may to meet her!! i think i shall make me a paper chain for the count down.

Heidelweiss said...

You are the cutest! I can't believe she's coming so quickly. Eek! The fun begins!

Michelle Joy said...

So excited for your shower next week... we're already loving cousin Maggie!

Lindsay Griffeth said...

I am so happy for you! The reason people are not rubbing your belly is because you are TINY. You need a big ol' belly and people will touch. :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Kara said...

I can't believe how soon it will be here!