Tuesday, January 24, 2012

listing lydia

Have you met my Lydi? You should. 

She's little, she's lovely, and she's, oh, so listable. (And we all know how I feel about lists.)

1. Lydia is a cuddler. She'll sleep anywhere, but she prefers your chest or shoulder, thank you very much. 

2. Oh, and sleeping? She LOVES it. This 4-week-old is already giving me six-hour stretches at night. (Do you think this has anything to do with us threatening her in the womb?)

3. She reminds me so much of newborn Maggie. She even pulls some of the exact same faces Maggie did at this age. It makes my heart burst. 

4. Lydi's obsessed with being tightly swaddled — just like Maggie was. Have you seen these swaddle blankets? I'm almost positive they're the reason my girls love to sleep.

5. She is greeted every morning to Maggie sprinting into her room screaming, "Good morning, Lydia!" It's very soothing, I'm sure. 

6. She loves to stick her legs out crazy straight and up in the air. She actually did it moments after being born, which the nurses thought was hilarious.

7. Lydi's labor and delivery was as sweet as she is. Makes me want to give birth 100 times. 

8. She forgave me for sobbing at random the week after she was born, since I get weepy for circa six days after I have babies. (Makes me want to re-think the 100 births. Oh, hormones.)

9. Lydia's middle name is Carol — after Adam's mom. Both my girls are named after their grandmas (Mags is Margaret Diane), and it makes me so, so happy. I can't wait for them to realize the incredible women they're connected to.  

10. She's already being a good sport about me taking hundreds of pictures of her for Lydia by the Week. (Yep! I'm doing it again.) If you're not careful, the cuteness will make you week in the knees. 

Here are some outtakes from Week 4 (with fake captions by Lydia, obviously).

"Let's do this, yo."

"What pose should I do next?"

"Pensive — always a winner."

"What the what?"

 "Oh, you wanted a smile, didn't you? Typical."

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

angel of mine

In the middle of being a mother of two (ack!), I remembered that when I was a mother of one, my first born was downright angelic on Christmas Eve.

You may want to turn up the volume — Mags chose to whisper a couple of her lines. You know, dramatic license and all that ...