Monday, March 29, 2010

couldn't be happier

Just when I think I can't love you more, you keep proving me wrong.

Happy 30th Birthday, Adam! 

I love you. I love you. And I love you. 

 These are from when we were dating. 
I loved (and love) a man who can have fun with the Photo Booth app.

Monday, March 22, 2010

35 and counting

35 Weeks
Photo by co-worker/friend Dave Blackhurst

FIVE weeks until my due date.

FOUR contractions a day (give or take).

THREE charlie horses a night.

TWO finishing touches left to the nursery.

ONE picture of pregnant Bri (with a head) for those of you who were worried.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

it's a miracle

 Erin knit these perfectly purple booties for the baby. 
They're the cutest. The absolute cutest.

We watched "The Miracle of Birth" in our hospital prenatal class last night. And by watched, I of course mean with my eyes closed.

But there were glimpses, people. Oh, there were glimpses. 

And for the first time in my pregnancy, I got a wee bit nervous about this whole, you know, giving birth thing. Up until now, I've been 100 percent excited about my pending trip to the hospital. And I still am. But those feelings of excitement are now accompanied by butterflies flown amok. I mean ... it looks ... ummm ... ouch. 

But what it comes down to is this: In five (ish) weeks, this little daughter of mine (please, oh, please be little) is going to get her cute self here — no ifs, ands or hee-hee-hoos about it. And after much thought (and not so much sleep), I've decided it's simply a matter of will.

Will labor hurt? (Duh.)
Will I be nervous? (No doubt.)
Will I be in good spirits? (Yes, please.)
Will Adam grow a mullet like the dad in the video? (No, thank you.)
Will I know what I'm doing? (Probably not, but that's probably OK.) 
Will Adam eat onions before helping me hee-hee-hoo? (He's promised not to. 
Will the event be videotaped for "The Miracle of Birth: 2010"? (Thank heavens, no.)
Will flavored ice chips be all I imagine them to be? (Debatable, I'm sure.)
Will Adam be a rock star birth partner? (Don't I know it.)
Will labor be cute? (That would be a no.)
Will labor be beautiful? (Definitely.)

And hey ... I've got my health. I've got my hips. And in the end, I've got my girl. 

Miracle, indeed.