Wednesday, April 16, 2008

tearful tuesdays

So I know you've all been waiting with baited breath wondering what Tearful Tuesdays are. 

"Do Bri and Adam watch 'Steel Magnolias' every Tuesday?" you wondered. 
"Do they sit around with a guitar, hold hands, and sing 'Everybody Hurts'?" you guessed. 

No, no, my friends. We watch "The Biggest Loser" — a TV show with the Biggest. Heart. Ever. 

It happens the same way every week. Adam and I get takeout (I know, the irony is not lost on us) and watch these contestants change their lives. Each contender starts the season out with a goal (i.e. "I want to be able to throw my son up in the air"), and then we watch them achieve that goal workout after workout, pound after pound. I cry (OK, sometimes sob) every single week at how inspirational they are. Which is strange, I know, considering I've never been too emotional of a girl. Right, Mom and Dad? 

In my defense, Adam has teared up a couple of times as well. So it's not just me. But there has been absolutely no sobbing on his macho part — I just want to make that clear.

So if you can't tell, we love, love this show. The contestants barely care about the cash prize, and they all end up winners! And as an added bonus, Adam and I talk a lot more about working out after it's over — albeit with an unfortunate emphasis on talk. Darn irony! 
This is Ali's "before and after" shot — amazing!
When she got up there, she said, "Do I look different?"
And this is her winning at the finale this past Tuesday —
the first female winner in "Biggest Loser" history!

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ty & megs said...

what a little hottie she turned out to be! ty and i loved LOVED watching this show too...however, we must be cold hearted because no tears were shed.

Erin said...

Yay for Ali!!! I love that she won. And I cry too Bri...I cry too.

Jennie Sleight said...

I was expecting good old American Idol, do you still watch that too? I remember our devoted nights one season

Laurel said...

I cried myself. I can't lie.
I'm determined to get there too.

Um, next season, can we all watch it together?

Amanda said...

Oh tearful Tuesdays. I love that you are a wee bit sensitive. Just a wee bit.

Diane said...

Briana....honestly, I think you over exaggerate when you say you are a wee bit emotional! (insert big smile and wink here) But I am happy for Ali too...even though I only saw two episodes while home! Seriously, can a person really work out 8-10 hours a day without hospitalization?

Bethany said...

Hey, Bri this is Bethany and saw your comment off of Jennie's blog and had to see what you were up to. I don't know if you remember me, but I was Jennie's roommate in Provo and we went to movies many a times together. I don't know if that narrows it down enough for you. Seeing how you two always went to moves, but anyway. Congratulations on your marriage and cute blog!

Jen said...

I was sooooo root-toot-tooting for her! Yippee for Ali!