Sunday, June 15, 2008

my three dads

To the three dads in my life — old, new and future. I absolutely, positively, completely adore you. 

Oh, and it's official. Adam has learned from the best there is. 
Father knows best
How cute are their smiles?
Mirror, mirror on the wall
This is one of my most favorite pictures from my wedding.

Disclaimer: Dad, just because you are technically the "old" dad in the above reference, it in no way indicates that you are old. You are, in fact, a dashing, dapper dad with a young countenance and a wonderfully full head of hair. Just thought I'd make that clear ... 


Diane said...

'Truer words were never spoken' for your three dads!

Craig & Carol said...

Dads do make a difference. What a blessing to have great ones in your life. Sweet pics and post! Good to talk to you yesterday, (even though it wasn't mother's day and all that). See you soon!

Jennie Sleight said...

I do really love that one of Adam and your Dad as well!

Heidelweiss said...

Very cute post. Also, I love the shorts picture. You should both wear twinner short shorts for your 5k.