Saturday, November 29, 2008


My dear sister, Erin, made a list on her blog of random things. And it looked crazy fun. So I've decided to copy her. (Don't judge me, people. I have blogger's block.)

1. Erin, Kara, Adam and I went to the Grand America for Thanksgiving dinner this year. It was — how do you say? —
grand. There were tables and tables of delicious food — both of the Thanksgiving-y and non-Thanksgiving-y variety. Oh, and there was eggnog. I adore eggnog.
Adam and I choosing our cheeses from a man
with a really tall chef's hat. So fancy!

2. We leave for Hong Kong three weeks from tomorrow. I can't wait.

3. We saw the movie "Australia" yesterday. Adam thought it was dorky. I giggled, smiled, gasped and cried all the way through it.

4. I've slept a consistent 11 hours every night of this Thanksgiving weekend. It's been so, so wonderful and so, so needed.

5. We finished the Bride magazine this past Wednesday, and it looks pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. (Which apparently, I do.)

6. I'm really terrible at answering my phone. No, really. I'm awful. Don't take it personally if it happens to you, my friends.

7. The minute I get home, I change into some sort of stretchy pant. I'm crazy fast at it, too. Adam often says to me, "When did you? ... How did you?" However, I've assured Adam that this in no way means I'll one day wear stretchy pants to the supermarket. You have my word on that, hon.

8. Adam's taping Christmas lights to our wall right now with great care.
He's cute.

9. If nothing good is on the radio, I sing show tunes in the car to keep myself entertained. (I make a great Annie.)

10. If I'm the only one at the office, I do lunges when I need to travel from room to room.

11. We had hot chocolate for breakfast this morning. Yum.

12. I'm thankful for more than I can possibly type.


Kristina P. said...

We went to Grand America for Christmas dinner last year! It was delicious! We went, uh, somewhere else this year. It may ryhme with Huck-A-Rama.

Lindsey said...

Your Grand America Thanksgiving sounds wonderful. We ordered our's from Whole Foods. minimal work is what I like! love this post and miss you!

Diane said...

Speaking of being thankful...I am thankful for You and Adam! What a fun list, Bri--and I am so delighted that you are getting a much needed rest over the holiday weekend! I also can't wait for 3 weeks to pass...Christmas in Hong Kong will be so much fun!

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

I'm so jealous...I want to go to the Grand year! will probably be just Art and I then so we can afford to! I'm not making a list, but I will admit to putting on my flannel pj pants as soon as i hit home...aaahhhh!

Erin said...

Oh man, number 10 made me laugh out loud. I can SO see you doing that. I love random lists! (And I love you!)

Kara said...

Well, i guess we are totally sisters. Cause ever since my car radio broke I have been singing a whole lot of Annie.

Kelly said...

Loved your random list. And, I LOVE THE GRAND AMERICA. I bet they put on an awesome Thanksgiving feast. That was the only part we missed out on in our trip to NY. Some really good turkey. I did however have a turkey sandwich from Subway that afternoon, but I salivate thinking of your meal.

Amander said...

Love List-a-Palooza! I wish I could have come with you to Australia and had myself some quality Hallstrom/Stewart time. Soon, my friend, soon.

And I am glad you are finally getting some rest!

Drew and Michelle said...

7,8,9 & 10 really made me laugh! Oh how I miss you! It was so good to talk tonight! You guys rock my world! You're most definately two of favorite red heads! That is until you get some Breezy Weasleys... then you'll just be runner up.

Heidelweiss said...

J'e t'aime your list. I also t'aime stretchy pants. I wear them ALL the time (but never in public, even though I have two kids which apparently is reason enough (poor shlumpadinkas)). Kara is jealous of our secret friendship so let's not tell her about our road trip we have planned to Paris (the one in Vegas).

Sammy said...

You know my favorite part about utah is show tunes saturday night on the radio.

Logan and Emily said...

so cute. My fastest streatchy pant change is 4.5 seconds. You?

Amye Kay said...

YUM Thanksgiving dinner and no clean up, how nice! I think I might be close to wearing strechy pants to the store...never say never! :)

Juli said...

Lists are the best!!
I'm not sure I comprehend what it means to sleep for 11 hours straight, though. Or even 4 hours.

Oh, and I highly recommend pregnancy as a means to wear stretchy pants every minute of the day.

And, Jeff's not allowed to put lights up on our walls anymore. I hope Adam has more decorating sense than my hubby does.

Amander said...

P.S. You and Adam practically have the same color hair now!

Durrett Family Band said...

Hey Bri! It's Sue's Clues. You and your hubby are so stinkin' cute!

Jen said...

I too love the nog....and enjoyed a Thanksgiving buffet from a restaurant this year: The Aerie at Snowbird. (sigh) It's a sign of the times...

ali said...


I'd be willing to put a whole lotta money down that you will someday go to the supermarket in stretchy pants (and I'm not talking about when you are a cute old grandma either).

You see, having kids does crazy things to you, and one of those things is that there will be periods of time where the only manufactured item of clothing that will fit onto your body will be stretchy, and you must wear something.

Sorry. I'm kind of a bubble burster.

So... when do we get to see you guys again??