Monday, December 15, 2008

merry blogging — day 2

This is what I was doing two Christmases ago ...
Dumbo, We're Not In Disneyland Anymore
My Dad took this National Geographic-worthy shot during our family trip to Thailand. I shared an elephant with my cute mom, whose knuckles were white from tightly grasping the bar.
Hello, Elephants
When you get to the elephant camp, you're greeted by these two cuties.
Don't I look wistful, calm and collected?
So not like me.
Feeding Time
Dad and the girls holding "the grub" to feed our new friends.
Erin and I were a little grub-shy when feeding the elephants.
that's more like me.
That form!
By the end of the day, Erin was an old pro.
This elephant stole my Dad's bananas when he wasn't looking.
Sneaky creature.
Elephants Do the Darndest Things
Yes, that is an elephant painting.
We saw him paint this with our very eyes.
Circus, Anyone?
The elephants did all kinds of tricks, and they were the biggest hams.
They loved it when the crowd cheered.
Babes in Thailand
So fun to share this with my sisters.


Kristina P. said...

That looks like too much fun!

And I'm so glad you're coming to book club next month!

Amander said...

LOVE, love the elephant camp! It almost makes me miss Thailand ;)

Erin said...

Awww...I love the elephants. Love you too. That really was one of the best trips ever.

Diane said...

What a fabulous time everyone had! The elephants are darling and so are you!

Kara said...

Remember how they paint? With their trunks?! They are too cute for words.

Juli said...

Well, that's certainly a memorable way of spending Christmas! We have a book that my kids just love, called "Elephants Can Paint Too"--I wonder if it's from the same place you guys were at? I know they sell the paintings from the various elephant "art schools" to raise money to support and protect Asian elephants (check out I've been sooooo tempted....

Amye Kay said...

Love the "Babes in Thiland" What fun places you have seen.

Laurel said...

I don't think I knew "pre-Adam" Bri. You Hallstrom girls have all the fun!

Lindsey said...

what a fun trip! love the shot of you and your mom on the elephant. also, you and your sisters look so cute.