Tuesday, January 12, 2010

25 weeks, 25 goals

25 Weeks
Photo, once again, by co-worker/friend Dave Blackhurst

Oh, 2010. I adore you already.

And with said adoration comes an admirable attempt at goal making. (I know. This post is so Jan. 1.)

May I present my 25 goals for this most lovely year ahead.

1. Love giving birth. (I'm talkin' relish every moment.)
2. Elevate my writing.
Exercise, exercise and, umm, exercise.
4. See family, like, all the time.
Become crazy talented in the kitchen. (So as to have people say, "Gee! That Bri can cook.")
6. Get the word "gee" back in style.
Update the blog more. (You're welcome.)
8. Get that whole mom thing down.
9. Sing in the shower at least three times a week.
10. See my girlfriends more.
11. Stay on top of my prayers/scripture study.
Go on more dates with the husband.
13. Be a "mobile" mom.
14. Stop craving Quarter Pounders with Cheese. (Also see #3.)
Read for pleasure.
16. Take a gazillion more pictures.
17. Paint and decorate my house.
Have a friendly baby. (I want her to LOVE people.)
Remember birthdays and special days.
Laugh at least 10 times a day. (Adam makes this one easy.)
Wear perfume.
22. Find a fabulously flattering frock for the gala I'm throwing for work. (When, you know, I'll be eight months pregnant.)
High-five people regularly.
Write an essay/short story — and get it published.
25. Take life for granted? Not a chance.


Erin said...

Oh how I love you. And your list. And your baby belly. I am very excited for your 2010.

ty and megs said...

gee you're adorable. and so is the baby belly of yours.

Jill said...

This was so fun to read! Love the belly picture too. Whether or not you reach each and every goal, you are guaranteed to be an absolutely adorable mommy. 2010 will be an amazing year for you!

Kimberly and Clay said...

you go girl(s)!

Amander said...

I think "taking a gazillion pictures" will be covered once you have the baby.


Kristina P. said...

You are so cute! You are that irritating pregnant woman who is all cute and skinny from the back, and then you turn around and BAM!!!

Amy said...

I adore you and your perfect, happy, little bump. You made enough goals for the both of us. So, I'm off the hook right? Thank you for your help last night. Love you!

Kara said...

Love them all, but especially #4. I want to see YOU all the time.

Diane said...

You are such a doll. Your list was very ambitious and very Bri. I am sure that you will accomplish it all. As to bringing back the word 'gee' Megs as already begun the return with her post! Love the belly pictures and you!

Drew and Michelle said...

Bri, you make us giggle. ;) We love you and your adorable belly.

Jen said...

How do I get "visit fellow coug and lover of the word 'gee', Jen" on the list for 2010? Jus' sayin'.

Juli said...

I love your goals! Gee, you sure are a fun, positive lady!!

Durrett Family Band said...

Gee, what a list! Just thought I'd help out with one of your goals. Plus, being a better friend is one of my goals. Check. Check.

ali said...

oh darling Bri! I'm afraid you will not have any control over #18, as was demonstrated by my sassy little daughter who perfected the "stink-eye" before she could even walk, but here's hoping it swings your way anyway ;).

As for giving birth, I'm sure you will love it--it is quite possibly the most amazing feeling in the world :)

So--um, I'm family, right? Does that mean I'll get to see more of you too?

Sammy said...

Bri when you were in the shower at my house we were all talking about how much we love to hear you sing in the shower. So I fully support that one. And I hope I am part of the see my girlfriends more. I think I will be up there in may (so far away) but that means I will get to see mommy and baby!

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

what an adorable tummy...I want to see the gorgeous face that goes with it next time! I think you need a pregnancy journal published in your mag to follow up on your bridal journal...great idea don't you think?

Lindsey said...

your baby bump is so cute! i love your list and i MISS YOU!

Christa Jeanne said...

Bri! First of all, you are darling. Seriously. Yay for Baby Girl on her way!!!

Secondly, I keep meaning to tell you - I now work just down the street from you, at Xactware (right by the canyon)! And every time I see the Utah Valley Magazine office, I think, gee, I really need to hit up Bri about doing lunch one of these days and catching up. So... consider yourself hit up. (I'd do this on Facebook, but it's blocked at the office). Drop me a line if you want to get together - all my contact info is on the Facebook. Hope to see you soon!