Monday, March 5, 2012

moms say the darndest things

(Because, you know, she totally now says them to me.)

"It's not a toy!"

"Just a minute."


"You hungry?" 
(This is, naturally, how she states that SHE is hungry. I love it too much to correct her.)

"Bye you hungry."
(I don't say this one, but Maggie does when I tell her it's not time for lunch yet. I won't be correcting this one, either.)

"Hey look at this."

"Or ... " 
(Usually after I've offered a suggestion for lunch.)

"How 'bout this one?"

"Don't bite it!"

"I'm coming, Lydi!" or "It's OK, Lydi!" 
(Said to Lydi when she cries. And don't worry — Maggie likes to cry while she's saying it. Sister solidarity? Try, "That's so super annoying, Lydi.")

"Oh so pretty!"

"No splashing!"

"What did you do?!"

"Crying's not gonna help you." 
(Typically said whilst she's sobbing, of course. But my favorite moment? When she told a tearful Lydia that crying wasn't going to help her, either. It's hard out there for a toddler.) 


Julie Carol Standley said...

Such a cute sweater and picture :)
I love it when she says... UNCLE JULIE!!! it's my favorite.. (totally not being corrected)

Kara said...

I could talk to her all day.

Erin said...

This is hilarious. I can't believe she says "crying is not going to help you". What a crack up.

Amander said...

"Bye you hungry" - I am dying, that is so cute.

Diane said...

I love listening to her talk! And your list just proves my point! She is so adorable--talking or not!

Laurel said...

i adore you and your cute life.

And it's clearly been too long since i've seen this little masterpiece...and since you now have TWO, I must come for a visit.

I must.


Marilyn Brown said...

Some darling pictures of 2 sweet little ones! Maggie is funny....I am sure she is a wonderfully, helpful big sister!

Craig and Carol said...

She is a little mirror of her mother that is for sure. Good thing you are so awesome!