Tuesday, July 15, 2008

bear lake or bust

Family? Check.
Beach? Check.
Famous raspberry shakes? Check.
Never-ending game of Phase 10? Check.
Cute kids? Check.
Barton clan? Not check. (Missed you guys!)
Dig a hole? Check.
Water frisbee? Check.
Fab food? Check.
Fun? Check.
Pictures? Check.
Don't believe me? Check it out.
First order of business?
Hamburgers, fries and raspberry shakes, of course.
Double Yum
Oh, how I love a good hamburger.
And oh how Viv loved herself some sand for a snack.
Well, until she tasted it.
Frisbee Fun
Brian and Kelly showed off their skillz.
(Yeah, I spelled skills with a "z.")
Photo Op #1
Viv and me.
Photo Op #2
Jules and Me.
Ahoy Out There
Adam the spy.
Boy Meets Water
This is Dallin's first time in the water.
Doesn't he look so stinkin' cute and so stinkin' happy?
Boy Meets Breezy
Hmmm. He doesn't look so stinkin' happy with me.
But he's still so stinkin' cute!
Worker Bees
This picture cracks me up. Dig, everyone. Dig!
Keep Workin'
Adam and Sam stopped mid-dig to strike a smile.
Fill 'Er Up
Adam was quite pleased with the hole he dug and then stood in.
I think boys are strange, too, Abbie.
Longest. Game. Ever.
See Brian's expression of glee? He's closing his eyes, dreaming of the long-awaited moment (we're talking three-hours long) when Phase 10 will eventually come to a close.
Peace Out
Abbie always says things with style.


Ben said...

Like always, it's a pleasure to read your posts. We had a great time together with you guys.

Amanda said...

Looks like a blast. I played a never-ending game of Phase 10 two weekends ago - when it ends, it's pure bliss (especially since I won). Love ya Breezers!

Adam and Kristina said...

I haven't been to Bear Lake in years! The last time we went, it was freezing, and I thought my heart was going to stop when I was thrown off the jet ski. Thanks for sharing your fun time!

Tara said...

Gosh that ALL sounds like fun! Haven't been there in a few years but we love that place as well. now you got me seriously craving a bear lake raspberry shake and wanting to brush up on my phase 10 skills!

Kelly said...

Great pictures.

And, Abbie's "peace-out" didn't mean quite that when I was serving my mission in England. :)

Drew and Michelle said...

Adam you're looking very trendy in your plaid shorts... i like. I guess I was right about you being a male model, eh? Oh how we miss you all! Now just imagine for a moment... Bear Lake 2009 with the Bartons! YAY!!!

ali said...

Woah--weird, my mom is totally from Paris Idaho, and practically grew up on Bear Lake Beach! We always go there, and we always make sure to get Raspberry shakes too!! Holy twilight zone, batman!!

Amanda said...

phase 10!? we call it "phase FOREVER" in our house!!! hahaha. glad to know it's not just us =). looks like you guys are doing great! love you tons and tons!