Tuesday, July 8, 2008

tag along

Other than being a "kissy girl" in kindergarten (yeah, that's right), I've never been much of a tag player.

{kissy girl (n.) A young lady, typically traveling in a pack, who chases boys on the playground and threatens to kiss them.}

And the same is true for blog tags. First, the idea of a tag slightly stresses me out. Second, I'm not typically tagged because most of my compadres assume I won't do them (solid assumption). But once upon last Thursday I was tagged by a dear friend, and once in a while I like to surprise myself.

So Laurel, this one's for you. Kisses!

1. adam, family, and friends
2. my job
3. the future (the unknown is exciting, don't you think?)
Joyful, Joyful
Me with the No. 1 joy himself.

1. not living up to my potential
2. that i won't have cute kids (this is irrational — i mean, obviously, right? :) — but it's still been an odd fear of mine.)
3. animals dressed as humans (name that TV show!)
Itsy-Bitsy Bikini
My dear friend, Mander, has a dog named Lulu. Lulu regularly dons human clothing, and even eye-shadow on occasion.
This is both completely terrifying and completely adorable.

1. be a mom — eventually (hopefully to at least one red-headed child)
2. be kind — always
3. never stop writing
Red With Envy
I'll take one just like this, please.

1. i've been on more awful, wretched, maybe-i-should-stay-single dates than anyone you've ever met
2. i tend to say "woof" when i'm trying to say "wolf"
3. i once fainted at seven peaks in my swimsuit (awesome, huh?)
See the red gash on my neck? It's from the faint of '06. Oh, and don't mind the crazy amounts of makeup. I was at a sleepover my sisters and I threw for my niece, Emma, and we did makeovers. Although, I do think smoky eyes agree with me. Don't you?


Jennie said...

I understand about your first two fears. And I love the makeover.

Amanda said...

I'm in to lists on blog comments lately, so you are about to get one (in no particular order, of course):

1) You referenced Lulu AND included a picture of her in her bikini. Totally horrifying, and I love you for it.

2) You will have cute kids.

3) You are one of the most kind people I know.

4) The seven peaks mishap was horrible, but the smoky eyes are awesome.


ty & megs said...

two words:
"kissy girls"

oh the memories.

and for some reason those 2 words make me think of two other words:
"ryan markum"

wasn't he the lone "kissy boy?"

Diane said...

You and Megs make me laugh with your walks down memory lane! The question that I want to know is...how come I didn't know about the "kissy girl" phase? hmmmm AND Amanda is right...your children will be darling--No doubt about it!

Juli said...

Jeff and I are disturbed by animals in clothing as well. There's a lady here who walks her 2 tiny dogs on leashes made to look like flower leis. Even that weirds me out.

And, if I remember correctly, you were an unbelievably cute kid (in fact, I wanted a daughter that looked like YOU), and I'm pretty sure cuteness is hereditary, so I wouldn't worry about that one too much!

Natalie said...

I remember when you fainted! It was so sad.
You will definitely have cute red-headed kids. I am v. v. excited (and jealous)!

Melanie said...

Cute kids, of course you will have cute kids!

Adam and Bri said...

Megs, Ryan Markham was totally the lone kissy boy. What a player! :)

Just kidding, Ryan! (You never know who reads these things.)

Also, I think the best part of the kissy girls was that we never really kissed anyone. All we did was pucker up and run!

And thank you, everyone, for reassuring me that my kids will be cute. You're gems. All of you.

Adam and Kristina said...

Yikes, that gash looks painful! Can't wait to see everyone at book club!

Drew & Michelle said...

How could you not have cute kids... you're both practically male models!
P.S. I'm excited for when you DO have kids! Yay for cousins!

Drew & Michelle said...

Umm... I just read that... I was going to say something about Adam being a male model... but changed my mind... I meant to say your both practically models. Opps!

Kelly said...

I am always so flattered that you think our rugrats are so cute. Did you get the message I left on Adam's phone? If not, listen to it. Sam loves his Auntie Bri. Great post. I am not partial.

Heidelweiss said...

Love the post! Love the gash on your neck (what happened?). Love that we got to see you (don't love that because of kids we didn't get to talk much). You are v. cute.

Laurel said...

I love love love that I got you to play tag. I feel SO cool!

Sammy said...

Have I ever told you that one of my most favorite things about you is that you say woof instead of wolf? Love you!

SheriB said...

You look like Jaimie Lynn Spears in this picture.