Thursday, August 7, 2008

home Is where hawaii is

You know when places aren't as great as you remember them? Places that have been so built up in your memory that the reality of them is disappointingly ordinary?

Hawaii is so not one of those places.

After seven (yes, seven!) long years, I returned to my birthplace along with my entire family. And it was an absolutely perfect trip. Who knew going home would be the best vacation of all?
Adam and me in the yard of my Aunt Kathie and Uncle Jim's house, where we had the pleasure of staying. And yes, this is merely one angle of the gorgeous view they look at every day.
Their house also has a pool, and this was my trick of choice.
My form is ah-mazing, if I do say so myself.
This was my other trick of choice.
My parents — looking cool in their shades — at the swap meet.
Did you know I have the best parents ever?
We hiked the famous Diamond Head — in slippers, of course.
(I'm still a local girl, after all.)
This is the gorgeous view from atop it.
And this is the ONLY picture you'll see of us on Diamond Head. I looked so unfortunate on this hike, and I refuse to submit my blogging public to the close-up shots we took of said unfortunate-ness.
Us at the Pali lookout. I told you the wind hates my hair.
We girls visited Punahou campus — our educational roots. It's a fantastic (and gorgeous) K-12 school filled with so many memories.
Did you know Barack Obama went to Punahou? I'm just sayin'.
We got the best shave ice from Matsumoto's — even if it was in a touristy purple catcher cup.
(Oh, the shame! Right Dad?)
Adam and Ryan at the beach.
As you can see, Ryan really bulked up before our trip.
He was all, "beach bod this, six-pack that."
Pretty Ellie. Pretty beach.
We took in a temple session at the stunning Hawaii temple.
I loved it.
We also went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. I've been a dozen times in my life, but it was so fun to experience it with Adam.
Adam got called up to the stage at the Samoan village to drink coconut juice.
They climb trees at the PCC.
Boat ride through the villages, anyone?
Make yourself at home, Ryan.
Since we celebrated our wedding anniversary in the month of July, we were asked to get up on stage and dance at the luau. Romantic, eh?
Nia, Breezy and Melissa.
My childhood BFFs and I had a completely overdue reunion. I adore them.
Oh, and this picture is coming to you in sepia because I was way sunburned and splotchy that day. Sepia rocks!
The Mataeles, lifelong family friends (and family to Nia), didn't really do very much for us during our trip. They only took us to a wonderful lunch at Kincaids, gave us 72 boxes of Mauna Loa candies, brought us malasadas for breakfast, and, you know, made me cry because I love them so much.
Nope, not much at all.
Don't Erin and I look tan? I think we look tan.
Oh, and this was the view from Haliewa Joe's, a wonderful restaurant Uncle Jim and Aunt Kathie took us to.
It's a shame those two didn't do very much for us either.
Yes, that's Adam's prime rib dinner at Haleiwa Joe's.
Yes, he ate every bite.
My Grandpa celebrated his 90th birthday while we were there. It's been so long since I've seen him that I soaked up every hug, smile and kiss.
Life IS great, Grandpa. You said it.
Grandpa and his boys.
I love, love this picture of Aunt Kathie.
She's one of my favs.
Green with envy, yet?
Did you know Adam had this Reyn's Aloha shirt before we even met?
Fate, I tell you. Fate.
So many Mahalos to make ...
To Aunt Kathie and Uncle Jim: You absolutely made our trip. We love you!
To the Mataeles: You have a permanent place in my heart.
To Grandpa: Thanks for the legacy. I'll always live a life you'd be proud of.
To Mom and Dad: There aren't enough Mahalos in the world. Mai ka pu'uwai.


Adam and Kristina said...

I'm so jealous! Looks like such a great time!

And that prime rib is ridiculous.

Heidelweiss said...

Green with envy doesn't even begin to describe it. What a fab time you must have had. Remember how those ladies said "fate was smiling" on them? Remember how they were serious? And then remember how Bronco totally loved my hair? And how you got TWO pictures with him? BTW, I think we look v v athletic in those pictures. What was Adam talking about?

Amanda said...

Oh Bri, I've heard you talk about your home so much, it was so fun to see so many pictures of you in your home state! It looks like you guys had a more than amazing time (so many great smiles). This post just made me happy.

CassiLou said...

How blessed to have a home like that? Man! You made me cry while I was looking at all of those beautiful pictures. I just want to smell the air as you get off the plane. It smells like flowers. (maybe because of all of the leis?) Jealous. Jealous! Jealous!!

Kristan said...

So fun! What a gorgeous place. And you look FANTASTIC in that blue and white dress!

Jennie said...

Can I just say that you look beautiful in these pictures, and the tan only made it better.

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

Oh can I be a Hallstrom and come next time...wait I am a Hallstrom... when are we going next?! So many great memories! Sometimes you can go back! Love ya!

ty and megs said...

1. so jealous for your glorious trip.
2. after all these years, you can still do a mean pool hand stand.
3. i was so impressed with adam's reyn's shirt--and the eating of the prime rib.
4. you guys are SO tan.
5. where can i find a malasada for breakfast? somehow that is all that sounds good now.

JujuBean said...

Too fun! Ry sat next to me while I was looking at the pictures, saying "Grandpa! Adam! Adam more!" Let's go again next summer! Fab pics!

Kara said...

I think I just gained 5 pounds remembering all that food we ate. Oh what would I give to be back on the beach right now.

Kelly said...

That trip just looks incredible!!! I bet you had so much fun seeing all your old hang-outs and taking Adam with you. Congratulations on your first anniversary. I was waiting for you to post pictures of this trip. Wow!!!

Laurel said...

a.) I wish they had made Adam climb the tree too
b.) i'm a bit jealous....I'm not gonna lie.
c.) how can I marry into the Hallstrom family? Adoption will do just fine too...let me know which would be best for you guys.

malia said...

add me to the list. you hit up all the right spots to make me officially jealous too.
glad you had such an awesome trip!

Drew and Michelle said...

Yea! We've been waiting for Hawaii pics! You guys look like you had an awesome time ... and wow, your soo TAN! It's so beautiful there! The PCC looks totally Rad. Yep, I think want to go there someday. Maybe we could go together?
We love you guys!
p.s. I love that "Ryan bulked up before the trip." I admit I laughed outloud. So cute!
"beach bod this, six-pack that"

Erin said...

I want to go back NOW! My "tan" is gone...v.v. tragic.

Kuulei said...

We miss you all and were happy to see you all again at the Manoa Ward. Melissa and I also loved seeing Breezy and Diane at the Mataeles. Lots of wonderful memories. Is it still okay to call you Breezy? Old habits tough to relinquish.

Diane said...

Love, love, love this post! Such fun...such darling pictures. How were we so lucky to spend 10 days in Hawaii with everyone all in attendance--so blessed! It was heaven on earth!

Juli said...

You got some great pictures!! It was sure good to see you and meet your hubby. Come back and do it again sometime =).

ali said...

I agree, Hawaii takes my breath away every time I visit. But I do have to respectfully disagree about the best shave ice from Matsumoto's--really Island sno is better (or Mo betta if you prefer).

What can I say, Hawaii is my second home!

And guess what? we are going in October!! (sorry we missed you though...)

Amye Kay said...

I throughy enjoy ALL your blog posts and comments. You are one whitty girl and the cutest little couple. Loved all the football "THINGIES!"