Friday, December 17, 2010

merry margaret

Margaret will be eight months old in a week's time. But since next week will be decked to the hectic (in the most wonderful of ways), I thought I'd take a moment now and list a few reasons 8-month-old Margaret makes us all kinds of merry.

These cheeks are kissed roughly 397 times a day. And if you saw these cheeks in person, you'd smooch them silly, too.

Little sweet cheeks herself.

Some of our best comedy material has been met with seriously stoic expressions. Maggie can giggle with the best of them, but when she decides it's time for a staring contest, it's on, baby.


Despite her somewhat stoic expression in this picture (see "pensively speaking"), girlfriend loves a tutu. I very much approve of said love.

It's tutu much.

For about a month, Margaret's tongue was constantly hanging out the side of her mouth (Grandpa Hallstrom style). I like to think her Great Grandpa gave her a heavenly lesson before she made her way down to earth.

Miss you, Great Grandpa.

Margaret lets us place her anywhere and everywhere for our weekly Margaret by the Week photo shoots — even when it's against her better judgment. 

What about this is a good idea?

I don't deserve this dreamy baby (she's still rocking 12-hour nights). But I love that she takes after her parents in the odd-sleep department. Remember little sleepy Breezy and Adam?

She's like me. She's really, really like me.

We've got a crush on this munchkin. Is it terribly obvious?

No Margarets were harmed in the making of this picture.


JujuBean said...

Such a cutie! Her cousins would eat her as an appetizer, for sure. Merry Christmas, our little Magz!

Jill said...

I just can't take it! She does have the most scrumptious cheeks! Merry Christmas, merry Margaret!

Amy said...

Oh, I love her too! You made an extraordinary little girl!

Laurel said...

this post makes me all kinds of happy.

Merry Margaret indeed!

Melanie said...

I am not sure how you get things done during the day with cheeks like those around to kiss all day!

Erin said...

Her cheeks are truly the best ever. And that last picture...awesome. Merry Margaret to you!

Kara said...

I think I need a cheek intervention. Cause I cannot stop kissing them.

Diane said...

So how does one stop laughing long enough to post a response? How clever you are Bri to post with such flair and fun. I have to say I am right there with Kara on someone scheduling a cheek intervention on me! She is picture perfect in every photo! Merry Christmas, dear Margaret Diane!

Sammy said...

Love her. Can't wait til I can spend some more time with baby margaret.

Amander said...

I'm glad I got to kiss those sweet cheeks in person today. She's incredibly adorable!

Sarah said...

That cheek picture is AMAZING!! I love her cheeks. She is such a darling baby...that you very much deserve. :)

Craig and Carol said...

We LOVED this tribute to 8 month old baby Margaret. She is such a lucky little girl to have 2 parents who adore her so. If you think she is cute now (and we all do) just wait 'til she starts talking. More fun baby stuff is just around the corner!

Lindsay Griffeth said...

that was a fabulous post on miss margaret.

i want a 12 hour night. PLEASE?!?

Julie Carol Standley said...

she makes me merry merry happy!

Heidelweiss said...

I want to eat her cheeks. And that picture of flying Maggie; um, what?! So adorbs!