Monday, May 12, 2008

mom's the word

How do we love our mothers? Let us count the ways.

First up, Mom Hallstrom. We love:
1. How she absolutely adores her family.
2. Her love of the gospel.
3. Her engaging storytelling.
4. Her infectious love of birthdays.
5. That she understands everything.
6. That she still loves holding my hand.
7. That she loves and finds success at TJ Maxx, despite the fact that it's totally cluttered and overwhelming!
8. That she's an incredible scriptorian.
9. That everyone who meets her wants to be her friend.
10. Her ability to make everything beautiful.

Next is Mom Stewart. We love:
1. How she absolutely adores her family.
2. Her love of the gospel.
3. Her sage wisdom.
4. Her stellar sense of humor.
5. That she tickles your back when you sit next to her.
6. The way she listens.
7. The permanent twinkle in her eye. (Seriously, she's always smiling!)
8. That she can never get mad at Adam. (Isn't that right, Mom?)
9. Her scrumptious cooking.
10. Her hugs. They're the best.

We love you both! Thanks for showing me who I want to be when I grow up.

Note: We realize this is a day late, but we were traveling back from D.C. and couldn't post in time. But really, shouldn't every day be Mother's Day?


Laurel said...

I already adore Mom Hallstrom. Something tells me I'd love Mom Stewart too.
Welcome back. Holler when you're ready for So Cupcake & Blokus!

Diane said...

Oh,Briana...what a beautiful daughter you are! Thanks for the kind and loving tribute--I can't think of a better way to begin my day than reading your words! You and Adam make the sweetest pair! Love you!

ty & megs said...

oh to be able to find success at tj maxx. i can't handle it.

i love your mama too. so much.

Craig & Carol said...

What a wonderful way to be remembered! Thank you both for your sweet words and thank you Bri for enriching our family with your humor, style, wit and charm. You are a delightful daughter! We love you two and we love you two together!