Wednesday, May 14, 2008

this is kara-lara

Let me tell you a little something about this sister of mine.

She's the most clever girl you'll ever meet.
She's passionate.
She's generous.
She's silly.
She's got a wicked side. (Wicked cool!)
She's adorable.
She's a catch.
She's crazy good at Karaoke Revolution. (Nearly as good as me.)
She's completely lovely.
She's easily egged on when you can't stop giggling at her jokes.
She's a confidant.
She's a best friend.
She's a sister.

And she's 29 today. Happy birthday, love.


Diane said...

Oh,I love the Kara-Lara! What a cute sister you are to share your birthday tribute for her with all of us. Thanks for reminding us of all the things that we adore about Kara. It is everything you said and more! Love the picture--brings back alot of wonderful memories!

Kara said...

Oh Sneezers! All I can say is...Awwwww. Erin and I were tearing up in an internet cafe in Oslo reading this. We keep saying to each other, "if only Bri was here" followed by a "darn that adam". JK (about the adam bit). Love you guys!!!

Amanda said...

Aw, sweet Kara-lara. I am sad I didn't get to celebrate with her this year. She is such a fun person. Great tribute, Bri, you captured her cute personality so well :)