Saturday, May 24, 2008

one fine day

It was one fine day in New York City as Adam, Ben, Amy and I made a trip back East. We spent one day in the Big Apple and then the weekend in D.C. with Brian, Kelly, Sam and Vivian (coming to a post near you).

Now, for those of you who didn't have the pleasure of knowing 13-year-old Bri (alias: Breezy), I had quite the obsession with a little movie called "One Fine Day." It starred Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney, and there was a heart-fluttering "puddle part" where George picks up Michelle and carries her over a puddle in front of the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.

I loved this moment. I rewound this moment circa 2,673 times. I knew that one day it would happen to me.

And, in fact, it's happened twice. Sister Erin picked me up in front of the Bethesda when I was 16 (love you, Ers-Bears!), and then Adam picked me up at age 24. It's been 11 years, and it still makes me swoon.

So ... 2,674 anyone?

Here are a few other pictures (OK, a ton) of our fabulous day in the city that never sleeps. Since we flew in on the red-eye, we fit right in.
Good Eats
Sarabeth's is my hands down favorite breakfast spot in New York.
And here's why.
Smiles Central
After breakfast, it was off to Central Park for the most perfect mid-day jaunt.
The pretty lilacs.
I'm obsessed with self portraits.
By the way, Adam's quitting his job at E*Trade to become a photographer, specializing in tulips. We're gonna be rich!
Amy and Ben were caught canoodling on the steps.
How bout them Apple?
Someday my MacBook Air will come.
", Junior!"
Junior's Cheesecake is the hands down best cheesecake in the world.
Wicked fun.
And Wicked the musical is the hands down best show in the world. I've seen it three times!
(Question: Is this post showcasing my obsessive compulsive (OC) Hallstrom gene? I think it might be. And yes, there is no "D" because we don't have a disorder. We're just .... passionate.)
Wicked grateful.
Amy and Ben are the most stellar of travel companions.
Take One.
The puddle part wasn't built in a day, you know.
Take two.
And ... cut.


Adam and Kristina said...

I'm so jealous! I love NYC so much. Amanda and I have been talking about doing a girl's trip in the fall. Here's keeping our fingers crossed!

Diane said...

Hooray for Bri! Living her dream from 'One Fine Day!' Adam, you are a dear to make that happen...I am think of a three picture frame...Michelle in the middle--Erin and Adam on the sides, with darling Bri in the arms! Too cheesy do you think?
Loved your sharing of your trip! You certainly know how to live it up and have fun. I think we need to take a trip together...oh, wait, WE ARE! Can't wait!

Laurel said...

a.) does Adam rent himself out? and if I have my 100 mile summer will he "puddle jump" me? (that sounds odd but in the context of this post, it's TOTALLY appropriate! and since Adam IS one of my favorite "married male friends", it's perfect!)

b.) I've seen ONE FINE DAY AT LEAST 2800 times...just so you know.

c.) I'm already planning on the strawberry days 5K...that was the June one I pre-selected. let's do it!

d.) I'm still waiting for my "bri & adam" do I contact you people?!?!

Love this post.
love NYC.
love you guys.

Davidson Family said...

Amy & I had so much fun too! You too are the most stellar of travel companions. We certainly never would have found Junior's or Sarabeth's without you and Amy would have died of boredom if she were stuck with just me. Thanks for the good times.

Kelly said...

This looks like fun. We can't wait for your pictures of your visit to DC when the "real" fun started.

The weather was SOOO perfect in NY. What luck! Lots of rain with us.

Lindsey said...

I'm missing NYC right now and my favorite NYC person ever - YOU! Sarabeth's? Craving it now. Central Park? Remember our Self Work Out Day? You and your hubby are so cute. What a fun trip.

Logan and Emily said...

I love you guys! I want to prance in a puddle! I watched that movie with you and remember swooning over that scene. You guys are adorable. Come to Seattle and play with me!

Kara said...

You guys are digustingly cute. i am so in love with your perfect "I heart NYC" weekend.

Jen said...

Did you stop by the I-House for old times sake and laugh at all the interns with no airconditioning and hundred year old germs? Good times, and it looks like you had a good time too:) xoxo

Erin said...

Ah, the puddle part...New York is just one of those magic places. Looks like you had an amazing time. Next time I am coming too!

ty & megs said...

you know i wish i could make it 2,674 with you. my heart still leaps at the puddle part and "i know your name mel." *swoon*
and just because i love you, i won't lecture you about being 4 hours away from me and not visiting...

Jennie Sleight said...

Oh I totally remember your love for that movie, so glad you could live that moment. What a great trip! Exactly what I was telling Grant we should do this fall. Especially the Wicked part, I have wanted to see it again since I walked out the first time. And who are your travel companions?

Kristan said...

What a fabulous day. I'm so glad you had great weather - it's finally nice out!

Heidelweiss said...

I didn't know you had a blog! Oh hooray! I'm so excited to read all about your adventures. New York looks ridiculously fun-I'm v. jealous!

Amanda said...

so fun! and what is this 13-year-old bit about your obsession with one fine day?! only jenn and i know the real truth: you were obsessed all the way to BYU! you worship george. hehe! anyway, just popping in to say hi and that i love you! glad you had a great trip to nyc! and yes, you MUST come visit. we have a lovely guest room (ok, the playroom--i clean it for guests, i promise!)!!! jenn and i (and maybe britt) are hittin' the beach on monday. you should be with us!!! come soon! like, immediately! love you!

Brittany and Derek said...

Bri!!! Yay- I found your blog through Amanda's! It's just as cute and clever as I imagined it would be. I am jealous that you visited the East Coast....and I LOVE One Fine Day!!!