Monday, August 9, 2010

hallstrom happs (part 2)

Oh, Canada. (Actually, it's "Oh, Vancouver," if you want to get technical.)

We Hallstroms had fun in your dear city. 

And there are a gajillion pictures to prove it.

"Woah! I'm only 3 months old and I'm in another country. This is, like, totally cool.
Oh, and I'm wearing wicked cute watermelon shorts my Mom bought me. Is she like obsessed with watermelons or what?"
Erin, Brett and mini-Brett.
We biked around Stanley Park and had SUCH a delightful time.
There's nothing like sisters in sweet helmets.
For Erin, riding bikes is not "just like riding a bike." 
But she was the MVP of our ride and let nothing get in her way. 
(Well, almost nothing. :)
Could this picture BE any cuter?

 This is the Capilano Suspension Bridge.
So completely cool.

It was way more wobbly than you'd expect. Ergo, it was way more fun.

Tree stump break!
Wave to the Hallstroms! 
This is us on our Treetop Adventure.
Fuzzy pic, but it had to be posted. 
Margaret was downright angelic on the trip, 
but every baby deserves a good cry now and again. 
Does it make me a bad parent if I think she looks super cute when she cries? 

 Then we took a ferry to Victoria. Beautiful Victoria.
See what I mean? These are the glorious Butchart Gardens.

I love him.

Have you met my parents? You should. 
I'm a big fan.

Carousel time!

Please appreciate the utter joy on Ryan's face.

Yeah, sometimes we feed Maggie with our noses. 
Don't judge.

Three of the absolute best women I know.

Throughout the entire trip, there was a lot of this going on ...

... so we could get faces like these.



Craig and Carol said...

That new baby/camera has turned you into quite the photographer. Wonderful pictures of a memorable family vacation! The Hallstrom grandchildren are all adorable. Love the helmet/hat photos and all of the others as well. Great Trip!

Laurel said...

is it awkward if i want to be invited to go next time? you know, on the FAMILY trip.

yeah, that's awkward.

LOVE these pics. LOVE me some Hallstroms. LOVE the mommy obsessed with watermelon clothes who also thinks crying babies are cute and feeding with ones nose is efficient.

Juli said...

What a FUN trip with a FUN group of people! I love the pics--and I'm exceptionally envious that you made it to Butchart Gardens. I think our leg of the Hallstrom clan ought to take a leaf out of your book for our next group vacay!

Kristina P. said...

I actually think crying babies are some of the most adorable things ever.

SBK Stewart said...

Ok so I had to comment twice because I think your trip looks so FUN! I love all the sweet family pics and of course the ones of adorable Maggie! Love you guys!

p.s. the nose feeding totally comes in handy!

Diane said...

Another darling post about our 'fun' family vacation. What a great photographer you both are. There are some wonderful pictures and your clever captions are a delight! Thanks for recap--loved every word and pic!

Kara said...

Our trip pics are the best!

Kim & Clay said...

Did you just say "Ergo?" If only I had your index of vocabulary. Do we have Punahou to thank for that? I had to look it up. You might hear me throwing it in a sentence or two pretty soon.

P.S. I'm a fan of you, Adam's stubble, and Maggie's grin.

Erin said...

These pictures are the best. So much fun to be had! Thanks for posting Bri.

Amander said...

Again, I just love your family.

And I can't wait to pinch your cute baby's cheeks!

Drew and Michelle said...

The top picture of Maggie is sooo Adorable! Love the biking and beatiful garden pics. Looks like a fun time! Love you!

Melanie said...

Oh Canada! I am in love with Victoria. Every time I go there I can't help but wonder why I don't live there.

Jill said...

I am dying here! It DOES NOT get any cuter than this! Love you guys!

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

oh i hope there is a part 3...totally enjoying these pic moments!

Heidelweiss said...

Fun fun and FUN. I think Maggie is cute when she cries too. And all the other times.