Sunday, August 22, 2010

meet laurel

I have a friend named Laurel. Well, she was my sister Erin's friend first. But now she's my friend. And Adam's friend. And she'll be Margaret's friend one day, too.

Laurel is a high-powered executive at Deseret Book; a hilarious, poignant, inspiring and beautiful blogger; a runner; an author; a confidant; a youth speaker; and a God-sent guru to teenage girls everywhere.

Yes, she is as impressive as she sounds. 

I want you to meet Laurel for a very important reason. She has a new book coming out — "He Loves Us and We Love Him: You've Memorized It, Now Live It."

I haven't read it yet. But I'm so going to. Laurel is a must-read. 

You can pre-order the book here. And if you are a teenage girl, have a teenage girl, were once a teenage girl, or know of these things called teenage girls, you're going to want to read Laurel's book, too. 

I don't promote just anyone.


Laurel said...

um, i'm keenly aware you don't promote just anyone. this means a lot.

and someday i hope i'm as good as the girl you described me to be.

Seriously so glad we're friends.


Amander said...

I want to promote Laurel's book, too!

And after reading this I am pretty sure I am just going to refer people to your blog for the wonderful post :)