Tuesday, August 17, 2010

happy birth day

Best. Birthday Gift. Ever.

A year ago today I found out I was pregnant.

I can still see Adam's face as we waited for those elusive little lines to appear. I can still see his eyes telling me we'll be OK either way, but wouldn't it be amazing?

Today of all days.

I walked into the bathroom feeling like I could faint at any moment. When you decide you want to be pregnant, you want to be pregnant yesterday. And when you've been trying to be pregnant for a while, you desperately want to know you can get pregnant. Period.

I picked up the test and thought about throwing up. "Morning sickness?" I chuckled to myself. And then I smiled at my inner-humor on this most important of occasions. Adam was rubbing off on me.

"Well? What does it say?"

And that's when I saw it. That second — appropriately faint — line.

I beamed at my dad-to-be, and I clung to him — just like I had every month for the last nine months.

"We're pregnant," I remember crying. "We're really, really pregnant. And on my birthday! Does it get more perfect than this? I don't think it gets more perfect than this."

Those eyes of his. I can still see the glee.

"Nope. I don't think it does."

My 26th birthday granted my wish of motherhood — a wish I had earnestly made in delicious daydreams and powerful prayers.

And I didn't even need a candle.


Jill said...

Oh, Breezy! That is so special. Thanks for sharing with us. What a truly amazing birthday gift. ( It ireally is the gift that keeps on giving;))

Diane said...

Oh, Happy, Happy Birthday darling Bri! Beautiful story, sweetest baby and a super cute momma! (Adam is darling, too.) You are loved on this special day and everyday!

Kristina P. said...

Best birthday present ever! Happy birthday, Bri!

Drew and Michelle said...

I remember you were Glowing that day... at the time I thought it was the new dress & new haircut or maybe the ridiculously awesome surprise party? ;) It was definately a most Hap-Happy Birthday! We love you Auntie Bri and hope that 27 brings a little magic of its own! Happy Birthday!

Laurel said...

gosh, i adore you.

happy happy happy day.


Erin said...

Oh how I love this post. I love your birthday. I love your baby AND your cute husband. I love you. Happy birthday Sneeze.

Kara said...

And what a present we got too! Happy Birthday, my beautiful baby sis!

ty and megs said...

definitely the sweetest possible birthday gift! happy, happy birthday my darling breezy! i've been thinking about you all day!

and how fitting is it that today is also mckinlay's little best friends birthday!?

Kim & Clay said...

Happy birthday, love.

And you should submit this post somewhere to be published. Seriously.

You so deserve to be a mom and I am so glad you are one.

Ditto on needing to see each other more often!

SBK Stewart said...

Happy Happy Birthday Auntie Bri! We love you and hope you an awesome day!

Grey Sky Blue said...

Breezers. Remember how I'm pregnant and you're not supposed to make me cry via blog!? I love you. I love this post. I love your life!

Amander said...

It's funny you are posting about this because when I was thinking about your birthday last week, I thought, "Hey, last year on Bri's birthday she found out she was pregnant - so cool."

Have the happiest day.

(And are we still on for breakfast on Thursday? Any ideas of where to go?)

Melanie said...

That really is the perfect birthday gift. I hope this next year brings you just as much happiness. Happy Birthday.

Kelly said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to our Auntie and friend and sister. We love you. I loved reading this post. it is such a fun and exciting thing to find out that you are pregnant. I guess I had forgotten that it was on your birthday. What a wonderful thing that you found out on that day. Love you.

Heidelweiss said...

Happy Birthday cute cute girl! I'm so glad you got your birthday wish!

Kristan said...

Happy Birthday! This almost had me crying . . . so special, so fantastic, so well written.

ali said...

Chills Bri-- Chills.

And a very happy birthday to you!

Craig and Carol said...

Thank you for sharing that sweet, sacred moment with those of us who love you. Perfectly Poignant. Happiest of Birthdays, then and now! Love you, Bri!

Dimicks said...

Happy Birthday my dear friend Breezy! What a beautiful birthday present. Your sweet baby is darling. Sadie was so excited to friend you on facebook, and she shared your blog with me. I was thrilled! So fun to see your cute family.
Love, Justine